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Emergency Response and Homeland Security

Climatronics' PARTAC(TM) particulate profiler can be deployed as an atmospheric

Accurate and rugged weather systems that can be installed quickly and easily are vital for First Responders at HAZMAT spill and Homeland Security response locations. You can depend on Climatronics’ portable Cameo/Aloha HAZMAT Weather Systems and PARTAC Particulate Profilers to reliably support your command, control and cleanup activities.

Congress passed the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) funding bill in November 2006. This bill funds many important programs, including $539.5 million for the Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program (AFGP). Click here to learn more about how you can use Federal grant money to purchase your Cameo/Aloha HAZMAT Emergency Response Weather System.

Cameo/Aloha HAZMAT Weather System

PARTAC Tactical Particulate Profiler

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M102578 HAZMAT System - cable (855k)

M102647 HAZMAT System - cable (855k)

M102579 HAZMAT RF System (844k)

M102643 HAZMAT RF System (595k)

M102648 HAZMAT RF System (967k)

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