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The weather can have a major impact on many industrial processes and operations, both from an operational efficiency and/or safety standpoint. For example, real-time information about ambient atmospheric conditions provides the necessary input data required to make the proper decisions during an industrial emergency involving any type of hazardous material. Depending on the plant type, size and age, the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), as well as municipal and state environmental regulatory organizations, also require that a number of basic meteorological variables are measured and recorded on site to ensure compliance with environmental regulations. Historical ambient data collected from the actual plant site can also prove to be invaluable information in cases of complaints or litigation related to your plant operations. Knowing your operating ambient conditions accurately and reliably can help to increase overall plant operating efficiency and productivity, while minimizing downtime and overhead costs.

Climatronics’ Weather Stations and Systems enable our Industrial and Utility Plants customers to focus on their core businesses while meeting all applicable environmental regulations.

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