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Industrial and Research Grade Sonic and Mechanical Anemometers (Wind speed and direction sensors)

Climatronics’ extensive range of wind sensors covers the gamut of industrial, commercial, and research applications. Our mechanical anemometers and wind direction sensors, the Wind Mark III and F460 systems, combine accuracy and reliability with low starting threshold, quick response, durability, and high accuracy over a wide range of conditions.

Climatronics’ Sonimometer™ , a sonic anemometer of novel design, can be used in places of traditional cup anemometers and wind vanes. The Sonimometer™ has no moving parts, requires no periodic maintenance, and can tolerate a build-up of dirt, dust, snow, or other foreign matter in the sensing volume without measurement degradation. The design also improves accuracy since there are no 'arms' supporting the transducers to move, vibrate, or to provide roosts for birds. Our low power consumption makes the Sonimometer™ ideal for remote, battery-powered monitoring stations.

Heated Sonimometer™ (sonic anemometer), 2-Axis, RS-232C Output, requires P/N 102626 Heater Control Assembly and P/N 102286 Mount
Heater Control Assembly for 102729 Heated Sonimometer™

Please refer to the manuals on the right for additional details

WM-III Wind Speed and Direction (including crossarm, cups and vane) (pdf 112k)
WM-III Wind Speed only (including cups)
WM-III Wind Direction only (including vane)
WM-III Current Loop Wind Set (including crossarm, cups and vane) (pdf 116k)
WM-III External Heaters (10 watt, thermostatically controlled) *
WM III Wind Speed Transfer Functions (pdf 16k)

Please refer to the manuals on the right for additional details

F460 Wind Speed (including cups) - (pdf 168k)
F460 Wind Direction, resolver (including vane)
F460 Crossarm
F460 Crossarm Wind Speed only (including cups)
F460 External Heaters (10 watt, thermostatically controlled)
F460 Internal Heaters (2 watt)
F460 Wind Speed Transfer Functions (pdf 16k)
F460-IMP-860 Sensor Wiring Diagram (pdf 64k)

Please refer to the manuals on the right for additional details

Wind Monitor
102458-XX   Wind Monitor (marine version)

Please refer to the manuals on the right for additional details

Service Bulletins with
Spare Parts Pricing:

101908 WM III Speed & Direction Sensor 4-20 Current Output (92k)

102083-100108 WM III Speed & Direction Sensor (90k)

100075 F460 Wind Speed Sensor (91k)

100076 F460 Wind Direction Sensor (90k)

102139 F460 Resolver Wind Direction Sensor (91k)

102236 Vertical Wind Speed Sensor (16k)

100093-102090 Temperature Sensor (16k)

100325 Motor Aspirated Temperature Shield (16k)

101257-101258 Torque Watches (16k)

101283 Wind Monitor (16k)

102254 TACMET II Weather Station (16k)

102304 TACMET II Weather Station (16K)

102622 Sonic Anemometer (16k)

102263 Sonic Anemometer (16k)


M100075 F460 Wind Speed Sensor (258k)

M100076 F460 Wind Direction Sensor (288k)

M101235 F460 External Heater (49k)

M101994 F460 Crossarm (130k)

M102139 F460 Wind Direction Resolver (262k)

M102083 WM IIIA Wind Speed & Direction Sensor (1.4mb)

M101234 WM-III External Heater (74k)

M100093 Temperature Sensor (284k)

M102090 Temperature Sensor (595k)

M102273 Temperature Humidity Sensor (147k)

M100553 Solar Radiation Sensor (64k)

M102318 Solar Radiation Sensor (27k)

M101096 Solar Radiation Sensor Mount (72k)

M102341 Net Radiation Sensor (23k)

M102254 TACMET II Weather Sensor (163k)

M102304 TACMET II Weather Sensor (79k)

M102342 Silicon Pyranometer Radiation Sensor (25k)

M102663 Pressure Sensor (1mb)

M102272 Pressure Sensor with Enclosure (70k)

M100325 Motor Aspirated Temperature Shield (240k)

M101812 Relative Humidity Probe (132k)

M102236 Vertical Component Anemometer (296k)

M102779 SONIC Anemometer (152k)

M102729 SONIC Anemometer, Heated (71k)

Wiring Diagrams :
F460 Potentiometer
Wiring (80k)

F460 Typical Wiring (64k)

Platinum Temperature Sensor
Typical Wiring (52k)

Sonic Anemometer
Wiring (68k)

Temperature Sensor
100093 Wiring (52k)

Wind Mark III Typical
Wiring (68k)

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Regulation Guides:
EPA Meteorological
Monitoring Guidance Feb. 2000 (552k)

Technical Notes:
Recommended Maintenance
Schedule (20k

Sonic Anemometer Mount /
102286 (88k)

Temperature Sensor Specs /
100093 (40k)

Temperature Sensor Specs /
100093-2 (40k)

Tower Boom (228k)

White Papers:
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Case Studies:
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