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Renewable Energy Military & Defense Industrial & Utility Environmental & Regulatory Compliance Sensors & Components HAZMAT & Homeland Security Calibration & Test Fixtures

Solar Radiation Sensors
102771 Pyranometer, ISO First Class (pdf 180k)
102725 Pyranometer, ISO Second Class (pdf 172k)
102342 Photovoltaic Pyranometer (pdf 104k)
102755 Photovoltaic Pyranometer (pdf 284k)
102341 Net Radiometer (pdf 96k)
101668 Illumination Sensor (pdf 80k)

Service Bulletins with
Spare Parts Pricing:

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M100553 Solar Radiation Sensor (64k)

M102318 Solar Radiation Sensor (27k)

M101096 Solar Radiation Sensor Mount (72k)

M102341 Net Radiation Sensor (23k)

M102342 Silicon Pyranometer Radiation Sensor (25k)

Wiring Diagrams :
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Regulation Guides:

EPA Meteorological
Monitoring Guidance Feb. 2000 (552k)

Technical Notes:

Recommended Maintenance
Schedule (20k

White Papers:
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Case Studies:
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