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Barometric Pressure Sensor

Climatronics' WE-92 barometric pressure sensor (P/N 102663) is designed for applications requiring accurate pressure measurements at a modest cost. It is a stable transducer using nano-technology, yielding a linear and repeatable sensor with low hysteresis. The digital and analog output signals are directly useable without additional signal conditioning. When introduced in 2005, this sensor was readily accepted in the marketplace, achieving a steady rate of sales that rapidly made it the most popular pressure sensor in its price and performance range in history. In 2008 Climatronics received CE certification for their solid-state barometric pressure sensor, enabling worldwide sales and distribution.


WE-92 Barometric Pressure Sensor (pdf 132 KB)


barometric pressure sensor

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Advisory Circular AC-150-5220-16C (772k)

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The Importance of Weather Monitoring (900K)




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