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Renewable Energy Military & Defense Industrial & Utility Environmental & Regulatory Compliance Sensors & Components HAZMAT & Homeland Security Calibration & Test Fixtures


Chart Paper

Meteorological Towers

Racks, Enclosures and J-Boxes

Rechargeable Batteries

Solar Panels

Service Bulletins with Spare Parts Pricing:
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M101004 Guy Kit (96k)

Tripod & Guy Wire Setup Instructions (34k)

M101139 Battery Backup Power Supply (66k)

M100924 Lightning Protection Kit (87k)

M100508 Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge (307k)

M101423 Tower Mounting Bracket Kit (110k)

M101069 Tower Boom (40k)

MC33 Tower (145k)

M101904 Signal Line Protector (339k)

Wiring Diagrams:
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Regulation Guides:
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Technical Notes:
C33HD Roof Mount
Instructions (12k)

Mounting Bracket
Installation (132k)

Owner Installation Instructions /
C33 & C33HD (120k)

Wind Mark III Amplifier
Schematic (52k)

Wind Mark III
Synchronous Motors (16k)

White Papers:
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Case Studies:
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