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Renewable Energy Military & Defense Industrial & Utility Environmental & Regulatory Compliance Sensors & Components HAZMAT & Homeland Security Calibration & Test Fixtures


Weather Stations & Systems:

M102357 Temp Tracker (110k)


M100075 F460 Wind Speed Sensor (258k)

M100076 F460 Wind Direction Sensor (288k)

M101235 F460 External Heater (49k)

M101994 F460 Crossarm (130k)

M102139 F460 Wind Direction Resolver (262k)

M102083 WM IIIA Wind Speed & Direction Sensor (1280k)

M101234 WM-III External Heater (74k)

M100093 Temperature Sensor (284k)

M102090 Temperature Sensor (595k)

M102273 Temperature Humidity Sensor (147k)

M100553 Solar Radiation Sensor (64k)

M102318 Solar Radiation Sensor (27k)

M101096 Solar Radiation Sensor Mount (72k)

M102341 Net Radiation Sensor (25k)

M102254 TACMET II Weather Sensor (163k)

M102304 TACMET II Weather Sensor (79k)

M102342 Silicon Pyranometer Radiation Sensor (25k)

M102663 Pressure Sensor (1mb)

M102272 Pressure Sensor with Enclosure (70k)

M100325 Motor Aspirated Temperature Shield (240k)

M101812 Relative Humidity Probe (132k)

M102236 Vertical Component Anemometer (296k)

M102263 SONIC Anemometer (71k)

Data Acquisition & Signal Conditioning:

M102455 WView Manual (404k)

M102495 AView Manual (515k)

M102618 HazView Manual (225k)

M102489 Universal Interface Module (852k)


M101004 Guy Kit (96k)

Tripod & Guy Wire Setup Instructions (34k)

M101139 Battery Backup Power Supply (66k)

M100924 Lightning Protection Kit (87k)

M100508 Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge (307k)

M101423 Tower Mounting Bracket Kit (110k)

M101069 Tower Boom (40k)

MC33 Tower (145k)

M101904 Signal Line Protector (339k)

Calibration & Test Fixtures:

M101966 WM-III Linearity Test Fixture (106k)

M101984 F460 Linearity Test Fixture (101k)

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